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Uhtco Maca XPresso 340g

$38.95 CAD
MacaPro® XPresso® – Coffee Alternative MacaPro® XPresso® is made from select, certified organic black maca roots, naturally dried and grinded to perfection to prepare the best drink to start your day. Our Unique and exclusive process guarantees a wonderful flavour and aroma as well as all the benefits from this amazing food. For an amazing hot drink, simply add some MacaPro XPresso to you coffee maker, brew and impress your taste buds with its amazing flavour. You could even try it cold for a change! Brew it as regular coffee for hot or cold drinks, 1 tablespoon per 8oz. cup is enough; you may run it twice with the same grounds and even eat the grounds at the end to enjoy the whole product, nothing is waisted! Select Ingredients: Black Maca Roots