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Bioxy Cleanse 150 grams

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 Bioxy Cleanse  is  a safe and effective colon conditioner used to detoxify and remove hardened fecal matter from the colon walls. Can be used to treat irregularities in the intestine such as GAS, BLOATING, CONSTIPATION. Using Bioxy Cleanse eliminates putrefaction or breeding ground for anaerobic pathogens and improves absorption as well as assimilation..ACHIEVE EASY, REGULAR BOWEL ACTIVITY plus without psyllium or herbs. 

 Offal Marking Medical Intestine Liver Smal

       One OF A  Kind O3 Oxygen Ozone Process

  • More effective than psyllium or herbal products
  • No cramping or bloating
  • Harmless, Safe, Gentle & Effective
  • Will not weaken the colon muscles
  • Cleans + Detoxifies + Rejuvenates
  • Dairy, eggs, wheat, corn, yeast and soy  FREE !!!


Directions for use 

Use half to one teaspoon as often as you like in in 6oz to 8oz of water on a empty stomach or between meals. Plenty of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice should be consumed during Bioxy Cleanse use to allow advanced nascent oxygen technology activate.


1/2 - 1 teaspoon per dose / 150g powder per bottle