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BioSil 15ml

$15.97 CAD
expires  Jan 31, 2022
Collagen, elastin, and keratin are three structural proteins that are vital to your appearance and are produced by your body. Over the years your production of these so called "beauty proteins'' slows down and the quality falters therefore causing brittle nails, fine lines, wrinkles and weak or thinning hair. Safely and naturally Biosil helps your body regenerate the three must have proteins by activating the cells in your body that produce these structural proteins directly inside skin and hair tissue.
Keratin  gives your hair elasticity, body, strength, and thickness. Tests have shown that BioSil stimulates the keratin-producing cells in your body known as keratinocytes. Plus to give your nails strength and clarity.
Elastin gives your skin its stretching ability and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It also plays an important role in the functioning of your liver and organs.
Collagen is necessary for strong, healthy bones and joints. BioSil “turns on” the collagen-generating cells in your body known as fibroblasts to“plump’ your skin from the inside out. It removes fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents them from forming.
Clinical trial results 
 (women taking Biosil)
-reduced wrinkles by 30.0%
-increased skin elasticity by 89%
-thickened hair by 12.8% 
-strengthened hair by 13.1%  (please to refer to )