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MacaPro XP

MacaPro XP

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 MacaPro XP by Uhtco, is a unique product that's always produced using organic maca and is by far the best in it's class. The liquid is a result of a several month hydra/alcohol maceration process, where the producers observe for a window of potency, allowing for an experience none other. Cold pressed using purple and black maca, the process makes a tasty delightful treat for both sexes. Production begins with a controlled fermentation and once the maca ferments, it opens up to new bio-chemicals. Soon  after the alcohol is added to halt the fermentation and followed by a 6-8 month  maceration. The liquid is then manually separated from the solid maca and the solids are put into a hydraulic press to further separate the liquid from the maca root. The left over solid pieces are used as animal feed and the valuable liquid maca that contains the nutrients enters an evaporation process leaving approximately 2% alcohol in the finished product. Cane sugar alcohol is used in the creation process. The numbers 18:1, 20:1 & 25:1 on the bottles are representing the number of kg's of maca used in every liter of water. This technique is very different from other companies that just soak the raw maca in alcohol & that's it. 

 Currently there are four skus of liquid maca sold by Uhtco under the name Maca Pro XP,  they are Gold, Platinum, Professional & Limitless. All with a different level of potency as well as different combinations of maca to serve your taste buds. Starting with Gold, which is a mixture of yellow, purple & black maca, it has a potency of 10:1, meaning 10kgs of maca for 1 liter of water. Climbing up the latter we have the Platinum edition, containing all black maca with a potency of 18:1 & then we have the Professional 20:1, made using  pure purple maca roots. Finally Limitless, made using 25% more maca than Professional and contains 50% black and 50% purple maca. These products will have a slight taste  of alcohol from the 2% that is left after the evaporation process along with a nutty, coffee extract taste. 


  We should have all MacaPro skus in stock unless sold out, there is a demand for MacaPro as it's name & use expands around the globe. The only one place on earth where real quality maca is harvested, is in Peru. Up on the Andes mountains where the soil is rich in nutrients and the climate is just right. All the ingredients in MacaPro come from Peru and are 100% organic. You can purchase them right here on my site, & if you are in the B.C. area, you will receive your package in approximately a business day or two for your convenience. Don't forget to check out Uhtco's other maca products that we carry on the site, like MacaPro SX capsules or the  Maca Expresso coffee substitute, and we also have the gelatinized maca powder. All the products are made with the freshest & finest ingredients. The raw gelatinized maca powder is one of the most potent maca product on the market.





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